Winter in London: Sights and Attractions (January 2013)

Back in January 2013 I took a one-week trip to London. It was my first trip with the Mark II and 16-35mm 2.8L, so I was very excited to test them out.
I was unlucky enough to visit when it snowed and rained, nonetheless I was able to take a couple of outside shots. The weather was grim, so I decided to process my photos in this fashion.

Another great place to visit is The British Museum, where you can check out a lot of great artifacts and unique pieces of our history.

Yet another must-see attraction is the London Science Museum, where you can play astronaut, see a real piece of the Moon and many other great things. Make sure to check the basement, where Google set up an experimental lab.

One of the things on my to-do list was to visit some of Jamie Oliver’s restaurants. I got to visit two of them, one of which was Jamie’s Italian on Threadneedle Street. The Tiramisu was by far the best I had in my whole life, so make sure to check it out.

And finally, one of the smallest, weirdest and coolest pubs I got to visit in London: The Nag’s Head in Belgravia. This pub had some inexplicable warmth about it, check it out if you get a chance to.

4 Replies to “Winter in London: Sights and Attractions (January 2013)”

  1. Ion T. Reply

    Foarte reusite pozele ;)
    Te poti lasa de mediul online si te poti apuca serios de foto :)

  2. Vale Reply

    Great photos of London! Great views, light, colors. I feel the atmosphere of walking there, the sounds, the smells…

  3. Ana Reply

    LOVED your photos! Congratulations!
    I´m going to London this winter, can´t wait for it =D

  4. Elaine Massey Reply

    Your photos are amazing! We are going to London next week for our first overseas trip! I am glad I found all of your great photos. It will inspire me to try to take photos even close to as well for our blog and for our memories of course.

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