Wine of Moldova. A Legend Alive. Day 3: Gitana & F’autor

Day 3 took us to the South of Moldova, where some of the most famous wineries have their vineyards.

First we took a look at the ripening grapes that will soon be used by Gitana Winery for the current year’s batch of wine.

La Petite Sophie, bearing the name of the owner’s daughter, is my wine of choice from Gitana Winery.

We also dropped by F’autor Winery, their wines have been among my favorites for the past 3 years, specifically their Merlot.
Even though it was the first time that I was seeing their production grounds and the owners, for some reason I felt a very special attraction and bond with these inviting and hardworking people.
It was like returning home after a hard day at work, which might be a sign that their wines are the closest to my soul.

They are exporting some of their wine to China (and other parts of the world), so they are among the few wineries that were successful in getting into the Asian market.

Pro tip: their Sauvignon Blanc (Late Harvest) is a richly sweet dessert wine, perfect for the warmer days of the year. I will be sure to remember this one, as today it took my by surprise.

You can follow the official hashtags for the event on Facebook: #wineofmoldova, #alegendalive.
All my photos from this event will be posted under the Wine of Moldova. A Legend Alive. tag.

The event is organized and sponsored by USAID CEED II, in collaboration with Oficiul Naţional al Viei şi Vinului (ONVV).

Photos of Gitana

Photos of F’autor

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