Vikings and Knights (Wikinger & Ritter) at Kemnader See (Hafen Heveney) – Germany

During 15-18 June 2017 Heveney Harbor at Kemnader See was the host of a “Vikings & Knights” festival organized by Sündenfrei®. Battle reenactments, medieval-themed clothes, drinks and food.

Sündenfrei® organizes historical festivals, medieval spectacles, medieval markets, jousting tournaments, castle festivals, Christmas markets and similar corporate events throughout Central Europe. Time travel is our speciality.

We decided to spend our Sunday here.
Admission prices: 8 EUR for adults and 4 EUR for children older than 5 or 6.

This was the end of the show for us, as we couldn’t stand the heat any longer.

In Conclusion

It was a fun event, but I felt that it was a little too commercial, which detracted a lot from my personal enjoyment. The prices for everything were a little exaggerated. 4,5 EUR for a cappuccino and almost 6 EUR for a 0.5 beer?
Nonetheless we had a good time.

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