Tuscany in Winter: Cappella della Madonna di Vitaleta

The Chapel of Our Lady of Vitaleta is a small sacred building is located on a hilltop in the village Vitaleta on the road that connects San Quirico d’Orcia to Pienza. It is one of the most iconic photo locations in Tuscany.

To reach the chapel you need to drive off-road a little bit, and then walk for another 10-15 minutes.

On this trip I decided to mostly use my Canon EF 70-200 mm 2,8 L IS II lens (instead of the usual 24-70), that’s why there are more close-ups and details than usual.

We stopped by the chapel on our way to San Quirico d’Orcia. I knew that I want to take some photos closer to sunset, so on our way back I took some shots from the opposite road.

In Conclusion

The chapel is closed to the general public, so there’s not much to do. But if you are happy with looking at beautiful views and testing your photography skills, then this is a good place for that.

We were happy to have visited it in December, with just a few people around. In Summer time I think the walk could be a little more difficult, as there’s no shade. Be sure to take some water with you.

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    Superb Photography – well done!

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