A Tour of Poggio Antico Winery, Montalcino – Italy

During our stay in Italy this year (2015), we decided to take a tour of one of the best and most famous wineries in Montalcino.

Poggio Antico: a combination of people, love for nature and passion for winemaking in the beautiful landscape of Tuscany. Brunello, Brunello Riserva, Altero, Madre, Lemartine and Rosso di Montalcino are the result of our great care and dedication.

The Poggio Antico estate spans over 200 hectares of land, but only 32.5 are used for vineyards. The average altitude is approximately 450 meters above sea level, which influences positively the quality of the grapes.

“The steady breezes at this altitude sweep away morning and evening fogs and early frosts, and dry the grapes after every rain, thereby preventing the development of mold and allowing us to avoid anti-mold chemical treatments.”

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    Very nice work Mr Brinzan!

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