Thorn – “The White Village”, Netherlands

Thorn is a town in the municipality of Maasgouw, in the Dutch province of Limburg. It lies on the rivers Meuse and Witbeek. It is known as ‘the white village‘ for its white-washed brick houses in the centre of town.

We decided to visit The Netherlands for the very first time on October 3rd (German Unity Day). Even though a short 140km drive away from Dortmund, we wasted about 30 minutes in a traffic jam around the Dutch city of Roermond. There’s a Designer Outlet Shopping Village in Roermond, so it might have been the cause of the massive traffic jam.

In Conclusion

Thorn is a quiet, clean and very lovely village and is great for some romantic walks (good weather is key).
Photographers will appreciate the numerous picture-worthy locations and sets: white brick walls, bridges, house doors, arches, etc.

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