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  • Museum Burg Vischering – Lüdinghausen, Germany

    Vischering Castle (German: Burg Vischering) in Lüdinghausen, North Rhine-Westphalia is the most typical moated castle in the Münster region of Germany. The castle consists of outer defensive courtyard, defensive gateways, moat, drawbridge, main building and chapel.

  • LWL – Freilichtmuseum Hagen, Germany

    The Hagen Westphalian Open-Air Museum (German: LWL-Freilichtmuseum Hagen – Westfälisches Landesmuseum für Handwerk und Technik; English: “LWL Open-air Museum Hagen – Westphalian State Museum for Craft and Technics”) is a museum at Hagen in the southeastern Ruhr area, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

  • Automuseum Dortmund – Private Collection of Old & Retro Cars

    If you are a fan of cars then Automobil Museum is something for you. It is a large, private collection of cars, some of which are over 100 years old. It is located in the Southern part of Dortmund, between Wellinghofen and Bittermark.

  • Easter Break at Orheiul Vechi (Old Orhei) – Moldova

    Old Orhei (Romanian: Orheiul Vechi) is a historical and archaeological complex, located in Trebujeni, at 60 kilometers (37 mi) north-east of Chişinău, on the Răut River. Orheiul Vechi is the most popular and visited tourist attraction/destination in Moldova. I did […]

  • Technisches Museum Wien (September 2013)

    As one of the oldest museums of its kind, the Technisches Museum Wien looks back on more than 100 years of history. On 20 June 1909 Emperor Franz Joseph laid the foundation stone for the Technisches Museum Wien as we […]