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  • Castel MIMI Winery, Bulboaca, Moldova

    Castel MIMI Winery is the largest (private) architectural restoration project in the history of Republic of Moldova. This historic estate was founded in 1893 by the last Governor of Bessarabia, Constantin Mimi.

  • Hancu Monastery, Moldova (2016)

    The last time I published photos from Hancu Monastery was 6 years ago (2010), at a time when I was really excited taking HDR photos. This is what Hancu Monastery looked like in April 2016.

  • Tasting of Moldovan Wine in Tuscany

    Last year we organized a private wine tasting event at Siena House hotel in Tuscany and we loved doing that very much. This year we returned with a different selection of wine, probably a little more appropriate for the warm Tuscan weather.

  • Moldovan Wine Bottles in the Tuscan Countryside

    After organizing last year a private wine tasting at the Siena House B&B (Tuscany, Italy), we decided to try something similar this year, but this time with different wine, something more appropriate for a hot day in Tuscany.

  • Moldavian Wineries Seen as Impressionist Paintings

    If an impressionist painter would go on a wine tour across Moldova then this might be the result of his work.

  • Asconi Winery – Puhoi, Moldova

    Asconi is one of the newest wineries to enter the tourism market in Moldova. Even though this company started production back in 1994, their brand new estate is open to tourists just starting this Summer (2015). It is located about 30 km South from Chisinau in the Puhoi Village. It is in the same direction […]

  • Etcetera Winery, Moldova – A Quick Visit

    After spending the night at Purcari Winery we decided to make a quick visit to Etcetera Winery, as it is less than 10 minutes away from Purcari. The Luchianov family were very welcoming and glad to see us, even though we haven’t announced them of our visit. I’m not going to tease you with photos […]

  • Weekend at Purcari Winery, Moldova

    Last weekend me and my wife wanted to get out into the countryside and take a breath of fresh air and enjoy some great wine. As this was the first time we were planning to spend the night with our baby boy away from home, it was somewhat difficult to make a decision as to […]

  • Chisinau ZOO – Moldova

    This Saturday me and the family decided to finally go and visit our Chisinau ZOO. Last time I went there it was a very sad sight. Unfortunately after all these years things haven't changed too much.