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  • Google Ads Advertising Policy Update: Trademark Usage

    Hoteliers Beware: OTAs can now brandjack more of your traffic for less money

    Last week Google have announced an update to their Google Ads (AdWords) Advertising Policies, specifically in the section concerning the usage of trademarks in ads. This is the type of announcements that often go overlooked, but this time you should pay closer attention.

  • When Google Search Snippets go Terribly Wrong

    A few days ago I was attending a first aid class (for my new driver’s license), when the teacher asked us to Google for common signs of a stroke and what to do when someone is having one. So I went on my phone and did a logical search for: what to do during a stroke.

  • Get Ready for the New Google AdWords User Interface

    It looks like AdWords is the next Google product to get a new look. The goal of this redesign is not only to give Google products a consistent look and feel across the web, but also to provide users with a simple and beautiful user experience that helps you get tasks done quickly and efficiently. […]