Schloss Nordkirchen – Versailles of Westphalia

Last Sunday we have visited a wonderful Castle/Palace called Nordkirchen Schloss. We were surprised to discover that it is only 40 kilometers away from our home.

Schloss Nordkirchen is a palace situated in the town of Nordkirchen in the Coesfeld administrative district in the state of North Rhine Westphalia, Germany. The schloss was largely built between 1703 and 1734 and is known as the “Versailles of Westphalia” since it is the largest of the fully or partly moated Wasserschlösser in that region. It was originally one of the residences of the Prince-Bishopric of Münster.

In 1959, the schloss was purchased by the State of Nordrhein-Westfalen and has since been the site of “Fachhochschule für Finanzen Nordrhein-Westfalen”, a state-run college specializing in the training of future tax inspectors.

Parts of the interior of the schloss are open to the public, as are the parterres and the surrounding park. Inside the schloss, an up-market restaurant offering Westphalian cuisine looks out into the large formal garden that faces the northern façade of the schloss. The schloss chapel may be rented for weddings.

I recommend that you park the car in the large (free) parking lot on the Schloßstraße (near the roundabout), and not the entrance from Am Schloßpark.

Town of Nordkirchen

We decided to drive through the town a little bit, see what it has to offer. It felt almost like a resort town, with a lot of restaurants located close to the palace. Even though the parking lot of the palace was full, the restaurants here in the town were almost empty.

In Conclusion

Nordkirchen Palace is a wonderful place to spend some time with the family, especially with the children. The palace is very well preserved and maintained, the area is super clean and relaxed. Cyclists and bikers will find Nordkirchen to be a good stopping place on longer rides.

Photographers will be able to find plenty of locations for shooting, from casual portraits to full-scale sessions, like engagements, weddings, etc.

Free parking and entry make this a place that you can visit as often as you like.

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