My Schedule of Interesting Events at ProWein 2019 in Düsseldorf

With ProWein 2019 Düsseldorf being less than a week away, I thought it is time to look through the database of over 500 events and stand activities that will take place at the fair.

These are the events (held in English) that I’m interested in as a wine enthusiast. Hopefully I’ll get to attend some of them.

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Day 1: 17/03/2019

  • Cellar treasures of the Bernkasteler Ring estates
    Location: Hall 13, C91 – IA 13A80 – Moselwein e.V.
    Time: 12:00
    Great Growth Riesling 2006-2016 from the best single vineyards.
  • The Australian Wine Bar
    Location: Hall 9, F02-F06 – Wine Australia
    Time: 13:00
    The Wine Bar is the place for great wine and great conversation. Hosted by the Wine Australia team, you’ll make new discoveries, taste regional diversity and hear the stories behind the wines.
  • Why – the true Italian Lifestyle
    Location: Hall 15, F51 – Consorzio di Tutela Doc Prosecco
    Time: 13:00
    Why is Prosecco DOC so popular? Fine taste for a special way of life – La Dolce Vita in a glass! A tasting that reveals the recipe of success of Prosecco DOC.
  • Exploring Oregon’s White Wines
    Location: Hall 9, D08 – Oregon Wine Board
    Time: 14:00
    Taste exciting white wines from the varying climates of Oregon. Compare styles by tasting two Chardonnays, Rieslings and Sauvignon blancs, side-by-side.
    Pre-registration at:
  • Argiolas – Turriga vertical tasting
    Location: Hall 16, J25 – Consigliovini – Argiolas
    Time: 14:00
    Discover the unique opportunity to join our exclusive Masterclass of Sardinia’s most famous wine ‘Turriga’ together with ‘Iselis Bianco’ of the family estate Argiolas. Several vintages will reveal the extraordinary terroir and the potential of the native vines. Presented by the family.
    Pre-registration at:
  • How – Finest tasting varieties
    Location: Hall 15, F51 – Consorzio di Tutela Doc Prosecco
    Time: 14:30
    Which delights offers Prosecco DOC? Taste it dry, extra dry or brut – thanks to its diversity, there is the perfect Prosecco for every occasion. Insider tips for the different pairing possibilities.
  • Generation Riesling
    Location: Hall 13, C100 – Deutsches Weininstitut GmbH (DWI)
    Time: 15:00
    Discover the future! Taste wines from the world’s biggest organization of young winemakers with more than 500 members.
  • Young winemakers from Baden: Top-Ten Pinot Gris of the association Generation Pinot
    Location: Hall 13, B110 – Badischer Wein GmbH
    Time: 15:00
    Axel Biesler, sommelier and writer, presents the winners of Generation Pinot’s competition (young winemakers). A jury of experts selected current Pinot Gris wines bearing an individual signature.
  • Napa Valley: Comparative Cabernet Sauvignon Tasting
    Location: Hall 9, C16-7 – Wine Institute of California
    Time: 15:30
    Napa Valley stands for wines of the highest quality. Explore the diversity of Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa’s signature variety, with four different Cabs from vineyards in different AVAs. Presenter: Russ Weis, Silverado Vineyards.
    Pre-registration at:
  • Isole e Olena – rare vintages of Cepparello
    Location: Hall 16, J25 – Consigliovini – Isole e Olena
    Time: 15:30
    Join an exclusive Masterclass of rare vintages of Isole e Olena’s ‘Cepparello’, one of the first Super Tuscans ever. Paolo De Marchi has selected some of the most interesting vintages of his private cellar. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity! Presented by Giuseppe Lauria, wine expert and editor-in-chief of WEINWISSER.
    Pre-registration at:

Day 2: 18/03/2019

  • The new vintage
    Location: Hall 13, C91 – IA 13A80 – Moselwein e.V.
    Time: 10:00
    First samplings of the 2018 vintage Riesling, Rivaner, Elbling and white Pinot varieties.
  • Champagne Vollereaux Vintage Collection Tasting
    Location: Hall 12, E12 – Champagne Vollereaux SA
    Time: 10:30
    Champagne Vollereaux invites you to the tasting of one of its rare Collection Vintage Champagne : Brut Reserve Vintage 1979. Registration is mandatory.
    Pre-registration at:
  • Discovering the diversity of Rosés of Anjou: fruit, freshness and gastronomic potential
    Location: Hall 13, C120 – Falstaff Deutschland GmbH
    Time: 10:45
    Variety is the spice of life, and rosé is no exception, offering a wide variety of styles appealing to all sectors of the market. Come and discover the rosés of Anjou, which range from dry to sweet.
  • Discover the Charms of Japanese Koshu Wines
    Location: Hall 9, A47 – Sapporo Breweries
    Time: 11:00
    Koshu is a Japanese indigenous grape. Discover the charms of Koshu wines with Masayoshi Kudo, a chief winemaker of the awards winning brand ‘GRANCE POLAIRE’, and Anthony Rose, one of the most famous British wine journalists!
  • Young German wine talents and their favorite wine
    Location: Hall 13, C120 – Falstaff Deutschland GmbH
    Time: 12:00
    The young German wine talents are highly motivated individuals. Beyond the mass wine they create high quality wines, marked by typicality and terroir. Moderation: Gerhild Burkard, Sommelier.
  • Best of Gold – The 10 Best Wines of Franconia (open wine bar)
    Location: Hall 14, D86 – Frankenwein-Frankenland GmbH Haus des Frankenweins
    Time: 12:00
    Chosen by a high-profile jury in Würzburg, we present Franconia’s best ten wines once again in the glass. Gold medal winning wines in contest against each other: The Champions-League of Francionian wines!
  • Swiss wines and gastronomy by Paolo Basso, Best Sommelier of the World 2013
    Location: Hall 13, F25-F27 – Swiss Wine Swiss Wine Promotion
    Time: 14:00
    Six regions, six wines, six food- and winematches. Paolo Basso is glad to present you Swiss Wines by according them with international culinary dishes.
  • Evolution of a Variety – Cabernet Sauvignon from Australia
    Location: Hall 9, F02-F06 – Wine Australia
    Time: 14:00
    Western Australia is renowned for powerful, yet elegant, premium Cabernet. Experience the freshness, balance and longevity of these wines, which have put this region on the map.
  • Love is in the air – Feteasca for Friends
    Location: Hall 15, G37 – Romanian Wine Promotion Association
    Time: 15:00
    Meet the maidens! Round off your day with an exquisite tasting of indigenous Romanian Feteasca (maiden) grape varieties. An event dedicated to the members of the #winelover community.
  • Historical Vertical Tasting TENUTA SAN GUIDO: SASSICAIA from the heart of Bolgheri
    Location: Hall 15, B03 – DE.S.A. Deutschland Sommelier Association
    Time: 15:15
    The Masterpiece of Marchesi Incisa della Rocchetta narrated by Daniela Scrobogna, President of the Scientific Committee of Fondazione Italiana Sommelier.
    Pre-registration at:
  • Between France and Italy: Corsica and its unknown grape varieties
    Location: Hall 13, C69 – MEININGER VERLAG GmbH
    Time: 16:00
    The Ile de Beauté includes a host of unfamiliar treasures: grapes with the unpronounceable names Sciaccarellu, Niellucciu and Vermentinu produce some exceptional and marvellous wines. Discover Corsica’s indigenous grape varieties with the wine writer and Corsica expert Birte Jantzen.
  • One of the greatest SWEET WINES in the world – Ruster Ausbruch
    Location: Hall 17, E38 – Weingut Landauer
    Time: 17:00
    Commented and moderated tasting the best vintages from the last 25 years of this legendary noble sweet wine. Wineregion Rust-Neusiedlersee, Burgenland, Austria.
  • Port and Chocolate, the perfect pairing
    Location: Hall 10, F02-01 – H21-56 – IVDP – Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e Porto I.P.
    Time: 17:00
    Different types of Port Wine with different chocolates. Awake your senses, and taste surprising pairings.

Day 3: 19/03/2019

  • Tokaji Aszú – essence of earth and sun
    Location: Hall 13, F25 – F27 (ProWein Forum H13) – Hungarian Tourism Agency Ltd.
    Time: 10:00
    There is no other natural process that can concentrate as much the energy of earth and sun as the birth of the Tokaji Aszú. This fascinating tasting with Tim Atkin MW will show you the hidden secrets of Tokaj.
  • SAKE-PAIRING with foie Gras, cheese and dessert
    Location: Hall 9, A58 – UENO GOURMET GmbH – Sake, Shochu & Wine from Japan
    Time: 12:00
    Sake has become a compelling addition to the wine-pairing menu, due to his fruitiness, sweetnes & UMAMI. Yoshiko Ueno-Müller show you sake exciting food-pairings with Sake.
  • Wine & Bread
    Location: Hall 13, C100 – Deutsches Weininstitut GmbH (DWI)
    Time: 12:30
    The German Wine Institute and the German Bread Institute team up to present one of the most ancient food pairing combinations. Presented by bread sommelier Jan-Christian von der Heide and the German Wine Princess Klara Zehnder.
  • Alsace Masterclass with Anne Krebiehl (Master of Wine) – Alsatian Riesling and its terroirs
    Location: Hall 11, L110 – Conseil Interprofessionnel Des Vins D’Alsace (CIVA)
    Time: 13:30
    The Queen of grape varieties: discover Alsace Riesling with Anne Krebiehl (Master of Wine)! Crémant d’Alsace and still wines available for free tasting at the Alsace Wine Bar.
  • Taste of Sonoma: Pinot Noir
    Location: Hall 9, C16-7 – Wine Institute of California
    Time: 15:30
    From the cool influence of the Pacific Ocean along the coast to the hot summer days by the Russian River, discover a variety of Pinot Noirs from across Sonoma county.
    Pre-registration at:
  • The Originals – Indigenous Italian red varieties with Stefan Metzner VIA
    Location: Hall 16, A03 – Italia del Vino Consorzio
    Time: 15:30
    A tasting of indigenous red varieties, from classic styles to opulent yet authentic wines that are interesting alternatives to the more well-known appellations.
    Pre-registration at:

Photos coming soon

I will publish my photos from ProWein 2019 after 20th of March 2019, so make sure to return to see how it all went.

To another great event!

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