An unofficial fan website for the most popular podcast in the world, the Joe Rogan Experience.

The website is powered by WordPress as a CMS.

I connected it to the Spotify API and the YouTube API. It regularly checks for new content and adds it to the website (including thumbnails), using a mix of direct SQL queries and core WordPress functions.

I designed and coded a custom WordPress theme, with my own JavaScript for the dropdown menu (desktop and mobile).

There are two custom post types (episodes & clips), as well as custom taxonomies for episode topics and podcast guests.

Before YouTube got rid of the dislikes stat, the website was also displaying the like/dislike ratio, which was a good indicator to how well a guest matched the wide audience.

Website Performance

Using the PageSpeed Insights tool, the website gets a decent 95+ rating on mobile and 99+ on desktop (without the Google Ads and Analytics scripts).