Möhne Reservoir (Möhnesee), Germany – January 2017

The Möhne Reservoir – or Moehne Reservoir – is an artificial lake in North Rhine-Westphalia, some 45 km east of Dortmund, Germany. The lake is formed by the damming of two rivers, Möhne and Heve, and with its four basins stores as much as 135 million cubic meters of water.

The Möhnetalsperre was then in 1908 to 1913 built at a cost of 23.5 million marks. In the opening the dam was the largest dam in Europe. 140 homesteads with 700 people had to move. It was built to help control floods, regulate water levels on the Ruhr river downstream, and generate hydropower. Today, the lake is also a tourist attraction.

It was a short 40-minute drive from Dortmund, so I decided to take a look.

It was a pleasure to walk around the Möhne Reservoir and I’ll surely be back here at the end of Spring, this time with the whole family.

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