Le Domaine de Marie Winery, Luberon – France

Located in the village of Ménerbes, this 50 acre property consists of vineyards (Domaine de Marie) and a 15-room farmhouse (La Bastide de Marie).

Out of all the wineries that I have visited in the past 3 years, big and small, Domaine de Marie left a weird and somewhat bitter impression. We came for a tasting on a Saturday morning in the month of October after the harvesting of the grapes. On that morning the place felt unprepared for visitors (us): no welcoming, no tour of the facilities, no information, nothing. I had to ask all the usual questions in order to get anything out: about the history, the wine, the aging, the production, etc. Maybe the language barrier is to blame?

I wanted to take some photos of the beautiful farmhouse nearby but was told at the winery that it would be better not to. So we had to drive ~40 minutes in one direction from the hotel for a 30-minutes visit. On the upside the scenery is really beautiful in this region and it is a pleasure to drive.

These photos were taken on 22nd of October 2016.

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