Late October Session with Alina

I was not alone during my small trip to Capriana Monastery and Hâncu Monastery :) It was the first time when I used a prop in my photos (the white teddy bear) and it was a very enjoyable experience. Will keep my eyes open for other possible props as well.

4 Replies to “Late October Session with Alina”

  1. Radu Chivriga Reply

    dar tu nu poţi pune un plugin cu slideshow? :) e cam încurcat şi dificil ca să deschizi fiecare poză în tab nou :)

    • Dumitru Brinzan Reply

      Done :)

      • Radu Chivriga

        thanks :) acum le-am privit de o plăcere pe toate, în format lărgit :) trebu mai des să faci poze, că ţi se reuşeşte ;)

  2. Reply

    Great props, dewd. And the teddy bear is nice too… :)

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