Lamborghini Wine at the Lamborghini Winery in Umbria, Italy

Last year at ProWein 2017 I accidentally saw the Lamborghini logo on some wine bottles. Lo and behold, there is actually Lamborghini Wine produced at the Lamborghini Winery in Umbria, which was started by Mr. Ferruccio Lamborghini himself.

So when we arranged our trip to Tuscany at the end of 2017, we decided to visit this winery (the only one that we got to visit on this trip).

The Lamborghini Estate (official website) lies between the south side of the Trasimeno lake and the beautiful medieval village of Panicale. Situated on the border between Umbria and Tuscany, Cortona and the Chiana valley are only few kilometers away.

The property was purchased in the 70’s by Ferruccio Lamborghini who, travelling in this area, fell in love with the soft rolling hills landscape. After his retirement from the famous car manufacturing activity he decided to go back to his roots: being a farmer.
The total area is 100 hectares divided between a 9 holes golf course, an agriturismo and 32 hectares of vineyards.

1. There’s not a lot to do around the production and warehouse area, so it’s not looking very attractive.

2. The restaurant was closed (22 December) in preparation for Christmas, so we weren’t able to visit it.

3. We like to call these broccoli trees, they look lovely all year round.

4. Lake Trasimeno is barely visible. Snow-covered Mount Cucco can be seen in the background.


6. Into the cellar we go! Wine is aged in 225 liter barriques and 500 liter oak barrels.


8. Crates of Lamborghini Demi Sec Prosecco Superiore.

9. This is the wine tasting area, with a direct view of the vineyards.


11. We tasted 2 sparkling wines: Brut and Extra Dry, as well as 3 dry reds: Trescone, Era and Campoleone.



14. After the tasting we drove a little bit to see the restaurant and the golf course.

15. The golf course.

In Conclusion

The Lamborghini sparkling wine bottles make for a curious gift, especially for car enthusiasts. A very decent price/quality ratio for the Extra Dry and the Brut (generally I’m not a fan of demi sec sparkling).

The production area is not as exciting as it could be, so some might be disappointed about the lack of some vintage cars or a small museum. Maybe in the future they will invest some money into making this area a little more attractive to visitors, if that is a priority at all :)

3 Replies to “Lamborghini Wine at the Lamborghini Winery in Umbria, Italy”

  1. Malvin Tyler Reply

    Lamborghini used to make tractors before they made fast motors. You can still see them ploughing fields in and around the Tuscan hills.
    Little old men on their Lamborghinis, happy in the Tuscan sunshine and bucolic life of La bella Italia.

  2. Enemus Samuels Reply

    How can I arrange for a visit. I’m interested in importing this one to Africa countries.

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