Dortmund Zoo, Germany – December 2016

The Zoo in Dortmund is a good place to visit with the whole family. After visiting it once in 2015, we returned to it at the end of 2016, with our 2 years old son, now old enough to follow and identify most of the animals.

Because of the cold weather that day the park was almost empty of visitors and some animal enclosures were vacant. This hasn’t prevented us from spending almost 3 hours inside.

Visitors to Dortmund are often surprised to find zoological gardens of such format in a Westphalian city generously endowed with park and green spaces anyway. “Animal Park” (Tiergarten) is what the locals call the Zoo, a name which expresses well the side-by-side harmony of the fauna and flora across this beautiful parkland.

Opened in 1953, the Zoo draws its history from the traditional love of animals that the people in the Ruhr industrial conurbation have always shown. The Zoo was the logical outcome of what they perceived to be their “rightful” slice of nature.

Just behind the main entrance, you will find a noticeboard with all the latest news of recent births and arrivals and a map of the zoo. Inside the zoo, at the individual enclosures or animal houses, detailed descriptions give the name of each species and related information in both word and picture form. Threatened species are indicated by the red WWF warning triangle. A three-coloured signpost system will help you find your way round.

These photos were taken on December 10th 2016, most of them with a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Lens.

In 2017 we will probably buy an yearly pass for the whole family, so I will probably post again more photos in a few months.

Ticket Prices for 2017 / Eintrittspreise für 2017

The standard ticket price for adults is 8,00 EUR (Einzelkarten Erwachsene) and the yearly pass (Jahreskarten) for one adult is 48,00 EUR.

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