Chisinau ZOO – Moldova

This Saturday me and the family decided to finally go and visit our Chisinau ZOO, which I haven’t been to in about 7-8 years. Last time I went there it was a very sad sight. Unfortunately after all these years things haven’t changed too much.

I am completely against Zoos keeping animals for which they can’t provide decent living conditions. Last year we went to Tiergarten Schönbrunn (the oldest zoo in the world), and we were very impressed and surprised by how well things are run there, each animal having lots of living space and great amenities. Unfortunately I cannot say the same about our zoo, where lions, bears and other big animals live in incredibly small cages (~15-20 m2).

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  1. Zina Ieseanu Reply

    Hi Dumitru,
    Thank you very much for sharing the pictures. The sadness in the eyes of these animals says it all. I also admire you for taking position on this and writing down your thoughts. I used to go to this zoo when I was a kid. Growing up, I realised the pain we cause to these animals. This is a bad treatment to animals and this Zoo should be closed. I hope that the upcoming generations will change their attitude towards animals and the idea of keeping animals closed in a Zoo ( where they don’t belong) will be regarded as a wild and primitive usage of the past centuries. As wild as we regard today the burning at stake as a punishment method.

    • Dumitru Brinzan Reply

      Hi Zina,
      Thank you for your thoughts.
      I don’t know if the Zoo should be closed, but at least some of the larger animals should be sent to other places in the world, where they will get proper care. Once they do that, some more space will open up for the rest of the animals, so that will be better for everybody.

      Of course people don’t want to go to the zoo if the “main attractions” are missing, such as the lion, bear, etc.

      Also not all zoos are bad, as many of them keep rescued animals that would have died in the wild, so there’s a fine limit between good and evil.

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