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  • #MaltaisMore – Example of a Smart Promo Campaign by a Tourism Authority

    I fell in love with Malta back in 2008, when I started a small website about the country on the domain. Even though over 2.000 km separate me from Malta, you can feel the warmth and authenticity of these beautiful islands just by reading about it. The rich history and legacy of these tiny […]

  • Get Ready for the New Google AdWords User Interface

    It looks like AdWords is the next Google product to get a new look. The goal of this redesign is not only to give Google products a consistent look and feel across the web, but also to provide users with a simple and beautiful user experience that helps you get tasks done quickly and efficiently. […]

  • Top Travel Trends & Destinations for 2014

    According to a recent survey by American Express Travel, in 2014 travelers will be looking for arts & culture. With almost 200 Travel Counselors participating in the survey, here is what they discovered. Trending Destinations for 2014 Seychelles Brazil Vietnam Alaska Grenada New Zealand Croatia Bhutan Norway Greece Trending Travel Preferences According to the survey, […]

  • The Real Cost of a WordPress Theme

    How much is a WordPress theme really worth? I make my case for charging more for WP themes, as well as share some experience with selling themes for $199.

  • A Resolution for 2014: Resurrect the Blog

    2013 was a rather dynamic and crazy year for me: from traveling across a few European countries (Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy), to launching a niche WordPress theme shop (HermesThemes), and finally to getting married on in December (11/12/13 is the date). 2014 started out with a great new challenge for me: the launch of my […]

  • WordPress add_filter() for Widget Titles

    I wanted to have the first word wrapped inside a tag so that I can apply a bold effect. The problem: WordPress does not allow any type of tags in widget titles.

  • 6 Common Mistakes that Might (and Probably Will) Ruin Your Website

    No matter how big your website is, who developed it and when, there are some common mistakes and errors that can sneak up on you. Some of these mistakes can be critical (or even deadly) for your website. 1. Music and/or Video on autoplay There is nothing more irritating that visiting a website that has […]