Agriturismo Casa Zen, Marcellise – San Martino Buon Albergo, Italy

Casa Zen is a traditional (but modern) agriturismo located in Northern Italy, not very far from Verona and Lake Garda.

Typically, an agriturismo is an independently-owned farm that the owners have decided to use partially — although usually only partially — for accommodation purposes. That means that, 90 percent of the time, you can expect that the owners of your “hotel” are, primarily, farmers. (Or people who have someone else farm for them). Your room is in the farm’s house, or an annex built nearby.
What is an Agriturismo

Casa Zen is located in the hills of the Marcellise valley, at around 300 meters above sea level, in a typically hilly landscape featuring special terroir and biodiversity characteristics.
The land, situated on an average slope, is characterized by a high incidence of Lessinia limestone, resulting in good water drainage and high lime content, as well as moderate fertility.
It is in precisely in these types of soils that plants such as olive trees and vines have the opportunity to best express their features, not least that of longevity.

At Casa Zen you will find 4 spacious and modern double rooms, each with a separate exit to the lawn with panoramic views.

I want to take a moment and mention how hospitable the hosts were: Franco and Ilenia made us feel very welcome, they are very friendly people. On they currently have this rating:
Exceptional 9.8 /10 Score from 217 reviews. I think this says it all :)

Thank you Ilenia and Franco!

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