Dumitru Brinzan

Photographer & Web Developer

Dumitru Brinzan is a freelance WordPress Developer, SEO & Photographer from Dortmund, Germany.

About Dumitru Brinzan

I am a freelance Web Developer, SEO & Photographer based in Dortmund, Germany.

As a web developer I’m a PHP front-end and back-end developer. Since 2010 I have focused mostly on WordPress.

As a photographer I specialize in Hotel & Interiors Photography and Trade Fair & Corporate Event Photography.

I am fluent in English, Romanian and Russian, and I speak a bit of German.

On Twitter I am @dumitru.

On a personal note

My greatest joy in life is spending time with my wife and our two boys.

I spend the rest of my free time listening to a few podcasts and reading books on my Kobo.