My first trip to Mosel: Kröv, Traben-Trarbach – Germany

Last month I finally had the pleasure of exploring the famous Mosel wine region of Germany.

I chose to stay in the small town of Kröv in the Bernkastel-Wittlich district, which looked like a great area for riding a bicycle.

Unfortunately the weather was not on my side, so it rained for a third of my stay. Even so, I was able to take out my camera a few times.

1. You can go uphill into the vineyards for the best views of the area.


3. Don’t try going uphill on a bicycle if you’re not in a great physical shape.


5. The town of Wolf (Traben-Trarbach) is right across the river.

6. The vineyards were being sprayed against pests.

7. Kröv is a nice place to walk around, but it felt empty when I was there (end of May).


9. Hotel Karolingerhof has a nice looking terrace and wine cellar, though I didn’t get to visit it.

The next day I went for a car ride around the area. I wanted to understand better the differences between Germany’s Mosel wine region and Italy’s Tuscany region.

10. If you go farther away from the main roads then you can enjoy some impressive views.

11. I wanted to stop every few hundred meters, as the landscape changes after every corner and after every hill.


13. At the end of my trip I went to the town of Lieser, hoping to taste some wines at the Weingut Schloss Lieser Inh. Thomas Haag.

I was under the impression that the winery is affiliated with Schloss Lieser, which is a private luxury hotel/museum, in no way affiliated with the winery.

In the end I did not get to visit any of them, which was kinda bad.

In Conclusion

Compared to Tuscany, the Mosel region of Germany is very accommodating to cyclists. Protected bike paths connect most of the towns and villages, so it’s a pleasure to drive around. As long as you stay close to the Moselle river there is almost no elevation.

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