Warm Sunday at Möhnesee (Möhne Lake)

Last Sunday we decided to check out Möhnesee again. Previously I visited the Moehne Reservoir during Winter (January of 2017), but this time we drove to the middle part of the lake (Körbecke).

The temperature was around +26 Celsius without a single cloud in the sky.

1. There’s a lot of green areas where you can sunbathe and relax.

2. A big playground is available near the Adventure Mini-Golf area.

3. Unfortunately there’s not a lot of shade available near the water, so be sure to take some sunscreen and a hat.

4. Lots of boats and yachts on the lake.


6. The Möhnesee-Turm is visible in the background above the trees. This time I had no time to go to it, hopefully next time.




10. I was finally able to photograph a helicopter with my 400mm lens :)






16. We were getting ready to leave (~14:30), the place was getting busier. The parking lot is not very big, so I recommend that you arrive before 11:00.


In Conclusion

Being just ~45 minutes away from Dortmund, Möhnesee is a good place to relax at during the weekend. The lake is very large and there are plenty of things to do and visit.

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