Thorn – “The White Village”, Netherlands

Thorn is a town in the municipality of Maasgouw, in the Dutch province of Limburg. It lies on the rivers Meuse and Witbeek. It is known as ‘the white village‘ for its white-washed brick houses in the centre of town.

We decided to visit The Netherlands for the very first time on October 3rd (German Unity Day). Even though a short 140km drive away from Dortmund, we wasted about 30 minutes in a traffic jam around the Dutch city of Roermond. There’s a Designer Outlet Shopping Village in Roermond, so it might have been the cause of the massive traffic jam.

1. There’s a parking lot at the entrance into Thorn (Meers street), so we have to leave the car here. The parking meter requires a minimum payment of 2.5 EUR for 1 day.

2. A narrow pathway takes us from the parking lot closer to the historic center.


4. Usually parking is allowed only with a resident’s permit, so avoid leaving your car on a street like this.


6. Fantastically beautiful street lamp posts.


8. The White Village indeed.

9. Thorn Abbey or Imperial Abbey of Thorn (Abdijkerk Thorn).

10. A small cemetery is right in front of the Abbey.

11. “Vrede” is the Dutch word for “Peace”. Let’s go inside.








19. On the second floor of the Abbey there are a few rooms with artifacts, like these books that are over 300 years old.



22. At the other side of the Abbey is a quiet plaza. Sit here and look at a goat’s butt.




26. We were very lucky to come here on a beautiful Autumn day.




30. The “Het Molenaarshuis” vacation rental.



33. So many opportunities for portrait and couple photographers to play with these brick walls and lighting.

34. De Pannekoekenbakker Thorn is a Crêperie right across the Thorn Abbey. You will find a huge variety of crepes from 4 EUR to ~20 EUR, such as pizza-style crepes.

35. The cemetery is right beyond that wall.

36. The sky darkened considerably and we decided to cut our stay short.

37. Good bye Thorn, stay beautiful!

In Conclusion

Thorn is a quiet, clean and very lovely village and is great for some romantic walks (good weather is key).
Photographers will appreciate the numerous picture-worthy locations and sets: white brick walls, bridges, house doors, arches, etc.

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