How to Fix the Slow “New Document” Window in Adobe Photoshop (CC, 2017, 2018)

During the course of my day I get to open Adobe Photoshop at least a few times for different things: web design, screenshot work, etc.

The way I usually take screenshots is simple. I open up Photoshop, do a print screen of the desktop, switch back to Photoshop, hit CTRL + N, which creates a new document using the dimensions of my screenshot. Then I CTRL + V to paste it, save and I’m done.

After upgrading to Photoshop CC I noticed a very annoying issue with the new versions, specifically the slowness of the New Document window (CTRL + N).

Slow New Document Window

Current versions of Photoshop come with a new and “improved” New Document Window and it works like shit. I find it hilarious that on my i7-7700K 4.2GHz PC (16 GB RAM, Win 10 64-bit) it takes ~10 seconds for the window to open. This is what it looks like:

How to Fix It

After today’s update to Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 I decided that this needs fixing. After a quick Google search I found the stupidly simple solution.

Go to Edit > Preferences > General and check the box for Use Legacy “New Document” Interface.

Immediately after that you can continue using the old interface, which of course has no lags.

Quick and simple.

19 Replies to “How to Fix the Slow “New Document” Window in Adobe Photoshop (CC, 2017, 2018)”

  1. Shayne Pruitt

    Thank you!!!!!!!! Mine was doing some other weird shit too. Once the new document interface was up, sometimes after a few seconds a previous Photoshop session with recovered files would open for about 10 seconds. if you tried to click on it, it beeped at you and wouldn’t let you do anything. Then it would just go away. It wasn’t even showing in the task manager.

    Anyway, thanks again for the tip.

  2. Yaman

    I have not been opening new page on PS CC… I have been looking for the answer the question about opening new page for weeks… I did thanks to you…

    Thank you so much… God bless you

  3. gurpreet singh


    Everyone, i have same problem in adobe photoshop cc i have this option but disable now, how to fix it. please let me know.

    Thank you

  4. Jeff


    Works like a charm! Just did the upgrade and noticed the lag.

    I was about to throw a chair through my cine display out of frustration.

    This fixed it immeditely. Thanks!

  5. Dave Bishop

    You are my new best friend. THANK YOU so much for this, I’ve been on the verge of setting fire to my Mac and thowing the lot out of my 23rd story office window.

  6. Evan

    THANK YOU for the quick, efficient, and functional advice!!! You literally probably just saved a computer from being Office Spaced. haha

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