Westerwinkel Castle – Ascheberg, Germany

After visiting Schloss Nordkirchen – Versailles of Westphalia the week before, we decided to venture out again around Münsterland and see the smaller castles.

The Westerwinkel Castle is one of the earliest Baroque castles in Westphalia and was built in the middle of the 17th century.

One of the peculiarities is that, unlike many other castles, palaces and noble estates in the Münsterland, it has not undergone major structural changes during its 350-year history. Even today it is largely preserved in its original condition from the 17th century.

Another peculiarity of this castle is that it is surrounded by a golf club: Golfclub Wasserschloss Westerwinkel. You can walk around and look at people playing golf, riding their golf carts, etc.

Directions and Where to Park

If you want to go there by car then you can use this address for your GPS: Altenhammstraße 41, 59387 Ascheberg. There is a small, dirt-road parking lot for about ~20 cars. Next you have to walk for ~10 minutes (1 km). You will have to cross a bridge over the A1 road, which can get really noisy. If you have sleeping children in the stroller – they will most likely wake up here.

1. The bridge over A1. This is a popular bike trail.



4. We can see a couple of beautiful buildings on the way to the castle.



7. This is the main bridge into the courtyard.



10. Tours of the castle are available only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, from 14:00 to 17:00, so we were unable to go inside.





15. Right next to it is the parking lot of the golf club. Besides parking there is an up-scale restaurant with open-air seating. The vanilla ice-cream (the only one they have) was really good!

In Conclusion

We spent about an hour here, without the tour of the castle’s interiors. I don’t think that there is much else to do, so it is a very quick stop.

It is a short ~10 km ride to/from Nordkirchen Castle, so you can easily visit both of them on the same day.

I think that this place is wonderful for photographers, as it is not crowded at all. If you come on a weekday in the morning or in the evening – you could have the place all to yourself.
If I’m not mistaken – this is private property, so you might want to ask for permission in case you plan a full-scale photo session.

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