Westfalenpark Dortmund, Germany (2017)

Westfalenpark is a large park in the Southern part of Dortmund. There is a mini train and a tall tower (Florianturn) with an observation deck.

Compared to other parks in Dortmund, there is an entrance fee – 3,5 EUR for 1 adult. Thankfully car parking is free.

Westfalenpark houses the German Rosarium with over 3,000 kinds of roses, making it the third-largest collection in the world.

1. We start from the Southern parking lot (F3).

2. The tower with the observation deck is not far from here, but we went in the opposite direction, towards the playgrounds.

3. A small lake with a restaurant on the water.

4. Also here we can board the mini-train that does a full circle through the park. 3 EUR for adults, 1 EUR for children.




8. Great venue for open-air events.

9. Every hundred meters there is something to see and do. Smaller children have a lot of entertainment here.


11. There are many wild ducks around the lake, so watch what you’re stepping on.


13. The Japanese garden.




17. A hamster wheel for people: fun for people of all ages.

18. Such installations are placed throughout the park. Looks simple enough, but the smaller children are overfilled with joy!


20. Try to stay on it while spinning.



23. We finally reached the largest playground in the park. On the map it is the one with the small lake in the bottom-right corner of the park.

24. It is a large area situated in a small valley, surrounded by trees from all sides.

25. There’s something to do here for children of all ages.



28. Plan ahead accordingly. If you come with children (why else would you?) then know that you won’t leave easily.


30. There is a fast-food place here with outside seating. Prices are acceptable, no exaggerations. Or you could bring food and a blanket from home.



33. Of course there’s a wooden ship.

34. Get into one of the 3 large barrels and push yourself across the pond. I think it is ~0.5 meters deep


36. By 11:30 it was getting a little crowded.


38. A tree house with 2 entrances/exits.


40. View from the top.


42. We continue our exploration and we reach a “nature preservation house”.


44. A smaller playground near the AltenAkademie.






50. We were tired already and weren’t able to visit Florianturn (the tower).

51. The part of the park around the tower has less activities for children. Gardens, flowers, hedges and cafes.

52. On the way back to the parking lot there’s a small bakery. Next to it is a “Police Puppet House”.

Conclusion about Westfalenpark

It is a wonderful park with a lot of activities for children. But as you can see from Google Reviews, the main problem is that people don’t want to pay to walk in a park.
Considering that there are many other places in the park that you have to pay for, like the tower and the train, you might feel

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