Dumitru Brinzan

Photographer & Web Developer

Dumitru Brinzan is a freelance WordPress Developer, SEO & Photographer from Dortmund, Germany.

Westfalenpark Dortmund, Germany (2017)

Westfalenpark is a large park in the Southern part of Dortmund. There is a mini train and a tall tower (Florianturn) with an observation deck.

Compared to other parks in Dortmund, there is an entrance fee – 3,5 EUR for 1 adult. Thankfully car parking is free.

Westfalenpark houses the German Rosarium with over 3,000 kinds of roses, making it the third-largest collection in the world.

Conclusion about Westfalenpark

It is a wonderful park with a lot of activities for children. But as you can see from Google Reviews, the main problem is that people don’t want to pay to walk in a park.
Considering that there are many other places in the park that you have to pay for, like the tower and the train, you might feel

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