Town of Schwerte, District of Unna, Germany

Schwerte is a town in the district of Unna, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The total population is 46,700 people.

Schwerte is a short 5-minute drive from Dortmund, and I had an hour to walk in the area.

1. We start our walk from the Schwerte Stadthaus (City Hall).

2. A neat little garden to wait for your appointment.


4. “Enemies in the Past – Friends Today”. The list of twinned cities.



7. The Ruhrtalmuseum museum, with the tower of St. Victor Church visible in the back.


9. A few steps away from the St. Victor Church we find this narrow street. Left for pedestrians (stairs), right for cyclists.



12. A couple of wonderfully preserved houses pop out around the corner.




16. All of these houses are marked with a special plaque. It tells the year when the house was first documented and is now a preserved monument. This house is from 1828.
To my understanding, house owners are not allowed to make any changes or renovations in these houses.

17. I haven’t noticed the white add-on to this house. Is it an external elevator?






23. The Rohrmeisterei, an old water pumping station. Today it is part of the German route of industrial heritage (“Route der Industriekultur”). Looks like it is a popular venue for events.

24. A park/playground for children of all ages.

25. A stone ping pong table.


27. A small football field at one end of the park. A small stone wall for drawing graffiti (at least I think that’s the intended purpose).


29. And a playground for the smaller children at the other end of the park.



32. Very suspicious-looking stairs leading underground. I did not find any sign or indication as to where they lead.

33. And we are back in St. Victor’s Church square.



36. The church near the Marien Hospital. I still don’t understand how these churches work – the doors are always closed. Are these private churches?


38. Red-brick buildings are always beautiful.


40. Was this entrance built at the same time as the house, or is it an extension?


I can’t say that Schwerte has anything especially interesting for tourists. In one hour I was able to cover everything from their Wikipedia page. Either way, the town looks clean and looked after, that’s what matters the most.

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4 Replies to “Town of Schwerte, District of Unna, Germany”

  1. Nikki

    I’m moving here soon to be an au pair and I had never heard of Schwerte before, so I really appreciate this peek at what it’ll be like! It looks so cozy and wonderful and these pictures really eased my worries that it might not be so nice. Thank you!

    • Dumitru Brinzan

      Hey Nikki,

      I photographed the old part of the town, not the commercial/industrial part. Those look the same everywhere. My intention was to show the parts in which someone would spend an hour or two on a Sunday :)

      Good luck!

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