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Asconi Winery – Puhoi, Moldova

Asconi is one of the newest wineries to enter the tourism market in Moldova. Even though this company started production back in 1994, their brand new estate is open to tourists just starting this Summer (2015).

It is located about 30 km South from Chisinau in the Puhoi Village. It is in the same direction as the MIMI winery is (Bulboaca village), so you can visit both wineries on the same day.

6 Replies to “Asconi Winery – Puhoi, Moldova”

  1. David De Mille

    I traveled to Moldova last year for a brief visit, and enjoyed your country tremendously. I plan to return next year for a longer visit. I want to visit your winery, as I love the wines from Moldova. I understand that in the future that you will have overnight guests. Will these cottages be ready for next year, and maybe you can tell me about them?? In Chisinau I visited the Cricova Winery, and I understand your winery is even better. I have tried unsuccessfully of contacting your winery without any success.
    I hope that I hear from you.


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