Weekend at Purcari Winery, Moldova

Last weekend me and my wife wanted to get out into the countryside and take a breath of fresh air and enjoy some great wine. As this was the first time we were planning to spend the night with our baby boy away from home, it was somewhat difficult to make a decision as to where to go. Finally we have decided on spending the night at Purcari Estate, one of the best wine producers in Moldova.

Purcari estate is located 120 km from Chisinau, in the vicinity of the Nistru River, and only 30 km from the Black Sea. Here you will find the legendary Purcari cellars, remaining unchanged since 1827; in its storage you can find a part of the countries heritage – the famous collection of vintage wines – Purcari. The touristic complex includes the Purcari estate, built in the style of a French chateau, tennis courts, a playground for children and two small lakes.

I took a great deal of photos there, especially of birds and small lizards. However in this article I’m publishing only photos of the estate itself, with more photos to be published later.

Next day we went to Etcetera Winery which is ~10 minutes away from Purcari, go see it too if you are in the area.

Purcari Estate - Main Building's Tower

Purcari Estate - Vineyards

Purcari Estate - Overview

Purcari Estate - Lake Terrace

Purcari Estate - Terrace on the Lake

Purcari Estate - View of the Lakes

Purcari Estate

Purcari Estate - Restaurant

Purcari Estate - Bottles of 1827 Pinot Grigio 2014

Purcari Estate - Playground

Purcari Estate - Vineyards

Purcari Estate - White Swan

Purcari Estate - Lake Terrace at Night

Purcari Estate - View of the Main Building at Night

Purcari Estate - A Hedgehog out Hunting

Purcari Estate - Entrance

Storks in the Village of Purcari

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