Etcetera Winery, Moldova – A Quick Visit

After spending the night at Purcari Winery we decided to make a quick visit to Etcetera Winery, as it is less than 10 minutes away from Purcari.

The Luchianov family were very welcoming and glad to see us, even though we haven’t announced them of our visit. I’m not going to tease you with photos of the very delicious “plăcinte” that we had there, you will have to try them out yourself.

Etcetera Winery - The Restaurant

Etcetera Winery - The Restaurant's Terrace

Etcetera Winery - The Vineyards

Etcetera Winery - The Vineyards

Etcetera Winery - Bottles of Etcetera Wine

Etcetera Winery - Inside the Restaurant

Etcetera Winery - Everything is under control

2 Replies to “Etcetera Winery, Moldova – A Quick Visit”

  1. Geo Lupascu

    Frumos, personalizat, familial.

    Unica strica aspectul – condiționerul alb și țeava de eșapament a gazelor de la sistemul de încălzire. Dacă ar instala niște carcase din lemn stilizate peste ele atunci ar fi perfect.

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