#MaltaisMore – Example of a Smart Promo Campaign by a Tourism Authority

I fell in love with Malta back in 2008, when I started a small travel website about the country.

Even though over 2.000 km separate me from Malta, you can feel the warmth and authenticity of these beautiful islands just by reading about it. The rich history and legacy of these tiny 316 square km is breathtaking.

With the fragile global economy that we currently have, even an amazing country like Malta needs to remind people from time to time how awesome it is.

Thus, the Malta Tourism Authority have decided to leverage the power of bloggers and social media and organize a great promotional campaign, with the help of the iambassador team.

Blog Island #MaltaisMore project will bring together 70 bloggers over 12 weeks from all over the world. Each blogger will spend 5 amazing days experiencing all that the Maltese Islands have to offer travelers.

Each invited blogger will receive a free return flight, departing from an airport served by Air Malta. The accommodation is free of charge. Furthermore, we will provide each blogger with 150€ pocket money to savour the local Maltese cuisine, travel around the islands, enter historical sites and just experience the destination. We will also give each blogger a #Maltaismore card, which will give bloggers access to loads of local visitor attractions.

You can read more about this amazing project here: http://blogisland.visitmalta.com/.

A fresh concept, an amazing location and many cool people. This project will surely turn out to be a great source of inspiration.

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