Get Ready for the New Google AdWords User Interface

It looks like AdWords is the next Google product to get a new look.

Google AdWords New User Interface

The goal of this redesign is not only to give Google products a consistent look and feel across the web, but also to provide users with a simple and beautiful user experience that helps you get tasks done quickly and efficiently.

However, one of the arguments by Google sounds like this:

We recognize that if you use more than one Google service, you want colors to be consistent and controls to be in the same place across everything you use so you can get to them quickly and easily.

Personally I’m not against different colors for different products, as long as the general style is consistent. I don’t mind if Google Analytics uses yellow headers, while AdWords uses blue or green. Maybe this differentiation is beneficial, considering that many of us spend most of our days using Google products. Different colors may be the only thing keeping us sane.
I want to feel that these services are actually different products, and not just one big system that my every move depends on.

Please Google, please keep at least some chromatic variation in your products.


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